HOLA...if you visit anywhere in Mexico I would highly recommend Puerto Escondido. Separated from the craziness of places like Cancun, Puerto Escondido is located along the West Coast of Mexico, a 1.5 hour flight south of Mexico City and you will arrive in this paradise. The main attractions here are the beaches, especially Playa Zicatela, which is home to the Mexican surfing pipeline. Meaning 'hidden port' you will definitely fall in love with truly amazing place. It feels so far away from home... the "REAL" Mexico....think brightly painted buildings, the best fish tacos you will ever eat, $2 beers and endless margaritas. 


The people of this humble little Mexican town are so friendly and welcoming. The local markets are worth a visit, full of colourful flowers and fresh local produce. Even if you don't buy anything, you will love watching the locals in their element and their laid-back approach to life. 

We first visted Puerto Escondido back in 2009 and spent Christmas here. We knew this place was special. We stayed in a small villas at Casa de Dan y Carmen, just up hill from the main street along Zicatela. After almost 2 weeks in this town we still weren't ready to leave, knowing we would be back one day soon. Fast forward to 2014, we returned with 36 of our family and friends to tie the knot. Words can't explain how grateful we were that so many people travelled 40+ hours from Australia to be there for our wedding. Jake and I were the only ones who had been to Escondido previously, promising our loved ones they would fall in love with this place like we had many years ago.

They say pictures don't do a place justice...however that is not the case here. These pictures were taken by my talented friend and photographer, Cassandra Ladru, who I loved exploring this part of the world with. Her pictures certainly tell of story and give you the feeling of being in this truly amazing place.

Puerto Escondido...somewhere in the world that will forever have a special place in our hearts. Visit for yourself and FALL IN LOVE.