BALI {with a baby}

I get asked so many questions about flying with a baby, especially to Bali. Being Australias most popular tourist destination, I thought I'd share some of my tips and also our experience travelling to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

Our first international trip with the Bebe...and oh man we had so much stuff. About 90kgs in luggage for 2 weeks. And, as if we didn't have enough shit, Jake also bought his spear guns and surf board....lucky he caught some fish and waves! We bought a cheap pram to travel with, however in hindsight we could have done without it. The roads and footpaths (if any) were uneven and rough so quite hard to push a pram along. It came in handy in our villa to use as a highchair at meal times. Thankfully, Knox was young enough to wear everywhere and would sleep in the carrier so this was our saving grace when travelling through the airport.

To prepare for our trip I packed everything I could think of. As Knox was on solids (2 meals a day) we took about 30 packets of pouch food to whip out at meals times. I was still breastfeeding however we had formula on hand, which helped with feeding on the go when Knox was fussy and it was too hot for him to latch on. We also packed snacks and anything he could chew on which would entertain him for about 5 minutes.

Panadol and Nurofen were always on hand (just in case). Knox turned into a teething monster when we were travelling so the drugs certainly got a work out.

We were a little worried about the drinking water and Knox getting sick, so after some advice from other mamas we used Milton tablets. Every night when washing the bottles we would boil the kettle, soak all the bottles and dissolve a tablet and leave overnight. Next morning we would give everything a good rise out and fill the bottles with fresh boiled water.

Mosquitos are certainly bad in this tropical climate, and we were cautious with the products we used on Knox's sensitive skin. We picked up some baby bug spray from Flannery's and also some Para'kito repellent bands which are super gentle and we could wrap around Knox's leg. 

So firstly, our flights to and from Bali with Knox were a dream, he wasn't even 6 months old. We could wear him everywhere, he wasn't mobile, was still breastfeeding and would fall asleep anywhere. Flying at night worked out really well for as us. We had booked the bassinet on the plane, so we just followed our normal night time routine and Knox slept the whole flight. Winning!

The first part of our trip was spent on the stunning Nusa Lembongan. A relatively quiet island compared to the craziness of the main island. With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches (so cliche) Lembongan is full of friendly locals, fishermen & surfers. There are no cars on this little island, so we hired scooters to explore at our own pace. We stayed at Castaway Villas which was perfectly located in Mushroom Bay. The owners were so lovely and helpful with tours and even helped Jake organise a boat to go spear fishing on. The staff were in love with Knox and made us feel so welcome.

Oh how the Balinese love babies. If I wasn't wearing Knox they would come up to us, in restaurants or on the street, and take him for a cuddle. He happily went off with anyone...I suspect he likes being the centre of attention. I was told that the younger you are, the closer to God which  is why the Balinese love babies so much.

After Lembongan we moved onto Seminyak. I was quite particular about the accommodation we booked as I wanted something that was easy with Knox. We opted for a Villa with private pool, so when Knox was napping we could relax and swim, knowing he was within earshot. The open pool was beautiful and wasn't as issue at this age as Knox wasn't mobile, however I can imagine it would be harder with toddlers.

We stayed at the RC Villas Bali, which is located in the heart of Seminyak. The location was great, we were within walking distance of the markets, shopping, cafes and bars. A short cab ride and we were in Canggu (which we didn't even recognise from our visit 3 years prior!). 

A day trip out to Ubud to visit the monkey temples were a highlight. I was terrified they would jump on Knox in the baby carrier so walked pretty closely behind Jake! We then spend the rest of the day at the AH-MAZING Jungle Fish (pics above). The whole space from entry down to the pool area was incredible, with a plunge pool and lounge pods sitting in the Jungle.

Gone are the days where we would chuck a bit of cash in our pocket and go exploring for the day. Oh how travelling for Jake and I has changed. Travelling with a baby is HARD WORK. But I love that we are showing him the world. I love watching his little face light up when he sees something new. I hope we can continue to take him on adventures as I think it's one of the best things in life we can give him. Here's to making memories.

LS x